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Why do vendors say ANEXT and Shannon's capacity are the problems for passive connectivity?

Are ANEXT and Shannon's capacity problems for passive connectivity? Carrie Higbie clarifies this and the 10BASE-T standard in this expert response.

Concerning the 10BASE-T standard, why are all the vendors saying that ANEXT and Shannon's capacity are the main things that need to be overcome before the system can work? Vendors that manufacture the chipsets for switches are adamant that 10 GB over UTP or STP/FTP using RJ45 plugs will not operate over a distance of more than 10 meters owing to power and very high heat dissipation issues not to mention latency problems. What are your thoughts, Carrie?
I am not sure what manufacturers you are talking to, but the ones that I work with already have solutions, either in production or in BETA that will work with a 100 m channel. In fact, at Interop this year, the Ethernet Alliance is putting on an interoperability booth of equipment from several manufacturers including the active components and various cabling manufacturers. All the chip manufacturers are working on lower power consumption chips, and shielded systems provide a power benefit over unshielded systems. When we were working on the standard, the 10 m issue did come up but only for category 5e systems. It is important to note that category 5e has been written out of the standard. In fact, most of the newer recommendations from active electronics manufacturers and the TIA 942 standard recommend category 6 as a minimum for new installations. If you have more specifics as to a certain manufacturer or a specific document that you would like to send over, please do. I'll be happy to follow up on it for you.
This was last published in March 2007

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