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Why do I need to manage my VPN client software?

Ensuring that the client software itself is up to date is just one of many reasons why it's critical to oversee VPN clients.

Why do I need to manage my VPN client software?

There are several aspects of the VPN client that you most certainly would like to manage and control. They include:

  • The client deployment
  • The client configuration
  • The client software license
  • The client software itself

These are just a few. The last point is actually an important one. Keep in mind that a VPN client is software, and no software is perfect. Stability or security issues will arise over time. It is important that you are capable of updating the VPN client software in the field in a controlled way. Similarly, the client configuration will change at times, and often changes must be pushed to the clients securely and quickly. Without a doubt, you should avoid unmanaged VPN clients on your network.

This was last published in April 2013

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