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Why can't I list the file system of the remote host?

Why can't I list the file system of the remote host?

I am able to establish VPN tunnel over the Internet between two Cisco 2811 routers. Earlier, I was unable to mount a remote host's drive with "Map Network Drive." I am now able to do this by enabling "Netbios over TCP/IP." However, I cannot list the file system of the remote host. What could be the cause of this?
You need to check that proper routing between two subnets is there, which I am sure would be there as you can use NetBos over TCP. From the desktop you need see the output of "route print" and see if it can see how to reach an outside network. If not, add a network with "route add" command.

Check if NetBIOS is enabled in all devices. NetBios is a routed protocol so you need to transport everywhere. Wherever it breaks, it will stop functioning.

Also, check for any access-lists.

This was last published in February 2006

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