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Why can't I browse the private network to see my Windows 2000 server?

I have setup a new VPN, using Symantec's VPN 200R Appliance. I can connect the VPN tunnel and can run applications on servers identified by IP Address. However, I cannot browse the private network to see my Windows 2000 server on that network. How do I resolve this?
I'm not sure whether your problem applies only to remote access clients or to site-to-site tunnels. For remote access, make sure that the VPN Group definition contains the IP address of your Primary Domain Controller and/or WINS server. For either case, under VPN / Dynamic Tunnels, enable NetBIOS broadcast for your Local Security Gateway. With these settings configured correctly, you should be able to browse your private network, given the right Windows permissions. To learn more, see the VPN configuration tutorials at Symantec's website.
This was last published in July 2004

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