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Why am I experiencing poor performance when I connect to the network via my switch, but not when I c

My Windows XP client has a 100Mbps NIC. But when I connect to the network through my 100Mbps switch, it is very slow and I observed missing packets in ping response. If I connect to the LAN through my 10Mbps hub and then through 100Mbps switch, performance is very good and I am getting good speed. What may be the reason for poor performance when I connect directly to 100Mbps Cisco catalyst 2950 switch?
There are several possible reasons why the connection to the Cisco Catalyst 2950 switch may be experiencing packet loss and performance issues. For interfaces, you want to verify that the interface speed and duplex settings are accurate for the NIC. I would recommend statically setting the interface to 100Mbps full-duplex to ensure that auto-negotiate is not having difficulty with the device configuration. I would also follow any other troubleshooting advice based on the URL provided. Here is the document provided by Cisco Systems in troubleshooting interface problems on the Catalyst 2950.
This was last published in August 2005

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