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Who is responsible for updating network firewalls?

Find out who is responsible for the installing and maintaining firewalls and other network devices in this response from network security expert Puneet Mehta.

Who should be responsible for the installation, Operating System (OS) and application version upgrade in a firewall environment: network communications or information security?
It all depends on the roles and responsibility as defined by your organization in their IS/IT policies. Generally, the Information Security Group is responsible for defining the security rules and policies; implanting and enforcing the same through security architecture around the network infrastructure, and auditing the IS policy compliance within the organization.

The network guys do the installation and management of the network devices. The configuration should be done based on the security policies throughout the network infrastructure.

The important thing to consider is that in order to provide a stable and secure environment, these two groups must work together as a team or else things might fail.

This was last published in July 2008

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