Which cloud service elements are most susceptible to external attacks?

Cloud security expert Neils Johnson discusses the myriad vulnerabilities of cloud computing services and how cloud providers can best protect the sensitive resources they host.

Which elements of a cloud service are most susceptible to external attacks? How can providers shore up those vulnerable spots?

Security is an art form, and every element is susceptible. To steal a line from a commercial, the most susceptible is the human element. Cloud providers should constantly be looking for ways to remove humans from the equation.

All data is vulnerable and the exploitation methods being crafted today are only a precursor to what is coming. Strong cloud encryption is becoming more and more necessary. Data loss prevention (DLP) in various forms, such as authentication and authorization before access, is critically important.

Research best practices, because they are constantly evolving. Implementation of best practices with compliance and audit will help cloud service providers (CSPs) keep pace with an ever-changing risk landscape.

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This was last published in November 2011

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