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Which backup technology is better - AIT or LDO?

We are a small company made up of mainly Intel servers and a HP Alpha running OpenVMS. We are going to be putting out first SNA together soon. As part of this change to DAS to SAN, we want centralize our backup process by using centralized network backup software and a tape loader that will handle our backups without operator intervention. One piece of information we have not been able to get a reading on is to what tape format to move to. We currently use DAT, but the new high capacity loaders use either AIT or LDO technology. Both Technologies are rather new, and have there +'s/-'s, but which one is better, or has the best chance of a long history in this industry?
Either would perform well. LDO is not that new and is very reliable. You may also want to look at optical jukeboxes with optical storage. I am not sure of the volume of data you are backing up. I do not have any direct experience with AIT, so I am afraid I won't be much help on that one, but I have used LDO and although the tapes are a bit pricey, they work well. What backup scheme are you planning to use?
This was last published in August 2003

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