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Which WAN service for videoconferencing?

Which WAN service would you consider inappropriate to implement for videoconferencing, and is ATM an appropriate option?
Answer: ATM running at 155Mhz should be appropriate enough for videoconferencing. The ATM technology was designed to carry data in standard sized packets called octets, regardless of the data/protocol it carries. When designing videoconferencing systems, WAN service is not the only important issue. You should use a quality shielded cable as part of your infrastructure. Shielding will protect your system from EMI/RFI, therefore, providing zero error rate and no retransmission of the video signal. This will prevent choppy video. If your company has a strong need for videoconferencing and cost isn?t the most important factor, then you may want to consider ATM at 622Mhz or Gigabit Ethernet.
This was last published in June 2001

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