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Which Q&A brain dump sites will help me prepare for the CCNA exam?

Becoming a Cisco Certified Network Associates (CCNA) takes much more than memorizing brain dumps or taking short cuts to pass the exam. Get advice on the best way to approach CCNA certification from our expert David Minutella.

Are there any good question and answer (Q&A) brain dumps to help study for the CCNA exam?
I would no sooner give every 16-year-old a driver license simply because they turned 16, nor see a doctor that cheated on his medical exams. The purpose behind certifications is to prove your understanding of concepts and it does the industry a disservice trying to only get the answers to the exam. Brain dumps will not help anyone out when there is a Cisco network to design, implement, or troubleshoot, so why should attaining the certification be any different? Not to mention, certification vendors are making brains dumps ineffective to a degree these days by demonstrating some hands-on element with simulations. What's more, I would not trust someone's interpretation of the exam because that may be radically different from what is actually on the exam. I know personally I find it hard to recall what the exam was actually like immediately after taking one.
This was last published in July 2009

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