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Which Cisco routers support inter-VLAN routing?

Learn which Cisco routers support the inter-VLAN routing feature in this expert response from our routing and switching guru.

Does the Cisco 3725 router support inter-VLAN routing? Which Cisco routers support this feature?
Here is an excerpt from Cisco:

"Cisco IOS software provides full-feature routing at Layer 3 and translation at Layer 2 between VLANs. There are three different protocols available for routing between VLANs."

Inter-VLAN routing is a Cisco IOS feature, not a router dependant feature. So all the Cisco routers supporting full Cisco IOS and running the correct code version will support inter-VLAN routing. As far as the correct code version is concerned, anything above 12.0 will surely work (version below that code level will also work, but they are not recommended anyway).

This was last published in August 2004

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