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Which Cisco certification focuses on unified communications?

Is there a good future in unified communications, and are there Cisco certifications focusing on this? Find out in this expert response.

I've just finished my CCNA exam, and I'm very interested in the field of unified communications that Cisco is spearheading. I have two questions:
(a) Do you personally feel it's an area with a good future?
(b) What Cisco professional certification do you think I should now get: CCNP, CCVP or CCSP?

I personally believe that unified communications is already prominently adopted today, and I believe Cisco is doing a great job trying to dominate that market. In other words, yes I think it is a great area to be knowledgeable and certified.

As far as certifications, if Unified Communications is your thing, I would lean towards the CCVP since that entails quite of bit of those concepts.

This was last published in August 2007

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