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Which Cisco cert is right for me - CCNA or CCDA?

Respected Sir,
I am doing CCNA and MCSE and I have a question. In Cisco there are two branches -- one is configuring and other is design. I wonder which will benefit me -- CCNA or CCDA.
Dear Abhijeet:
A wise man once told me that the answer to any really good question always begins with the same two words--namely "That depends..." In your case, the selection of a design approach versus the configuration (or perhaps more properly, technology administration) approach will depend on where your interests lie. If you wish to plan and design networks as your daily work, the design track makes most sense for you; if you wish to manage, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot networks as your daily work, the technology administration track makes most sense for you. That said, there are many more jobs available for network administrators than for network designers. This may play a role in your selection process as well.

Good luck in your choice of subject matters.

This was last published in January 2003

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