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Where can I find information for tracking and blocking abusive e-mails

I receive abusive e-mails from an anonymous person. Actually, the person has hacked one of my friend's yahoo e-mail id and is sending through the id. Is there any software I can use to find out the address of the computer from where he's sending me the e-mails?
First, "hacking" may be a bit of an overstatement, and it may be more appropriate to call it hijacking. Many times responding to spam asking to be removed from the mailing list provides a confirmation of a legitimate account, and that may be hijacked for spoofing and hiding the sender's real identity. Posting to newsgroups and other forums with an e-mail address can allow this as well. This could also be as simple as someone who knows both you and your friends email bothering you spoofing your friend's identity. A look at the headers from the email address may provide some insight, but not always guarantee a resolution. Often it is impossible to determine the exact computer and individual responsible for the abuse. Some excellent information about tracking e-mail abuse and also tools to help are available at www.samespade.org.
This was last published in September 2003

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