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When will the government give physical network security the attention it deserves?

Because of the use of classified networks, the US Military and the larger Department of Defense contractors have a concern about the physical protection of the data conduit. Physical threats such as fiber-tapping, sabotage and other forms of physical intrusion are a major concern. With all the news about identity theft, and perhaps the unadvertised news about the tapping and sabotage threats, what factors will drive the private sector (and data center) to establish the same level of concern for protected distribution systems (PDS)and physical network security?
That's a good question. Private business is not driven by the same factors that drive the government. Overall, governmental agencies are much more concerned with confidentially while private companies are usually more concerned with integrity. What might cause a change in perception or attitudes? Many times it takes an event to occur, maybe a legal mandate like HIPAA or SOX's or an adverse event. Post 9-11 many companies took a hard look at their disaster recovery plans as have others in the wake of hurricane Katrina.
This was last published in November 2005

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