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When implementing a spyware firewall is it important to have SNMP/API and Ethernet Bypass HW?

When implementing a spyware firewall is it important to have SNMP/API and Ethernet Bypass HW?
Those features are usually found only on the higher end spyware firewalls. Bypass mode is used to prevent the firewall from being a problem. If the firewall is powered off -- the 2 Ethernet cards are bridged together preventing the firewall from blocking incoming or outgoing traffic. Also if the device is rebooted, the firewall doesn't become the device that causes a break in connectivity. So if always on -- never down is critical to your organization than this is a feature to consider.

SNMP/API is used for SNMP management. The SNMP Extension-Agent API interface between the SNMP service and SNMP...

extension-agent DLLs. You have the capability to manage and monitor the device remotely. Again this may or may not be a feature your organization deems critical. Just like with everything else in life -- you'll typically pay more for each one of the add-ons that the vendors offer.

Good luck on putting a stop to spyware and malicious code on your network.

This was last published in June 2005

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