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When I use ping via a computer name it takes four seconds to get a response. What could be the dela

We have a network of 50 clients the server is Windows 2000. It takes less than a second to get an answer when pinging a PC using the IP, however it is close to four seconds when pinging via computer name. All hosts added in the DNS. Where else should I look to solve this?
The problem sounds exactly like there is something mis-configured in the DNS. I am assuming that hosts and server co-exist on a LAN (i.e. no WAN involved). Do you have a secondary DNS on the same LAN or is it remotely hosted? It sounds like the local primary is failing over to a remote secondary and/or that caching on the machine that you are testing from is kicking in.

Make sure that you have flushed local DNS information on your local machine.

Test from many different hosts to ensure that it is a systemic behavior and not isolated to a certain client.

Use "nslookup" - specifying the SERVER to use for the resolution, to check and time the resolutions.

If necessary, sniff the DNS resolution sequences with Ethereal or some other sniffer to track how the hostnames are being resolved.

This was last published in October 2003

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