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What would you recommend for sharing data and applications?

What would you recommend for sharing data and applications? And is it easy to set up?
Dear Mingman,
Remote access is a big thing on the Internet these days and extremely easy to setup! In short, the answer to your question is 'YES'!

Whether your using a dial-up or permanent connection to the Internet won't matter, is most cases these remote access or remote control programs are optimized to work efficiently over most types of connections, so this means it should work for you pretty well.

Before looking into a few of them, let me note to you that all these type of programs use TCP/IP and specific ports for each of them. In most cases, TCP is used as the transport protocol, providing a connection oriented type of connection between the two hosts.

Now let's take a look at a few of the most popular programs:

  1. Microsoft Netmeeting. This program is usually the first choice for most users as it is included with almost every Windows operating system. Netmeeting has some nice features that makes it easy to use and share data or applications. You can transfer files, view the remote computer's desktop or even restrict the remote view to see only specific applications which are running on the desktop! In the case you discover the application missing, you can download the latest version from Microsoft's website free of charge. Simply visit microsoft.com and select the download area.

    Another point I like about netmeeting is that it's a relative small program, only 1.5 Mb in size, which also means that it will have a minimum impact on the computer's load.

  2. Remote Administrator. This is the program of my choice these days :) Remote Administrator is directed mostly to administrators who wish to be able to control remote machines, no matter where they are located. It provides some excellent features that allow you to transfer files, telnet into the remote machine and execute commands as if you were on the machine itself. It's a small installation size, which also minimizes the impact on the installed system and is my personal choice for remote administration. I use to use netmeeting for a few years, but have now changed to this wonderful product. You can grab a copy from their website: www.radmin.com.
  3. PC Anywhere. Another product that's been around for years. PC Anywhere has come along way since its initial launch which was years ago. Pc Anywhere is preferred by most people who wish to gain control of remote hosts. Its real advantage is that you can create separate dialups to each client if you wish. This means that you have another way of connecting to a remote host if you do not have Internet access.

    One thing I don't like about the program is that it's a bit 'heavy' on the system, requiring around 35 MB for the installation, as opposed to 1,5 MB for netmeeting and 2 MB for remote administrator.

    I should note out that the product does contain more features than the previous ones we just saw, but if you only want to share or control a PC over the Internet, there are certainly better and cheaper solutions.

    You can obtain more information about the product by visiting their website: www.symantec.com.

I hope the above helps direct you to a product you can document for your report.

This was last published in July 2003

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