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What would be the optimal placement for our routers?

We want to implement a network in a university hostel system. Hostels are located at two three different locations spread over 3-4 miles. If we want to implement a small LAN in the chief warden office and link all the hostels to it through a dial up connection will it be feasible. Where would we put the routers to make the dial up connection one-way? And where would we put the routers if the dial up connection has to be two-way?
Setting it up one way or both ways is just a matter of configuration on the routers.

You would need a router at both ends if you plan to have a leased line connection between your warden's office and hostels.

If you plan to use any dial-up connection dialing to wardens office using PSTN than you don't need a router. Just a server, which can authenticate you, but the speed will be less.

You can also have an ISDN connection where you get more speed, at a slightly higher cost but would certainly be very less than leased line connections.

Another option you can look for is to check if any service provider in your area provides Ethernet to home that way you can have Ethernet services on subscription basis without investing in any electronics.

This was last published in February 2004

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