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What wireless VoIP phones are compatible with the 3Com NBX systems?

What wireless VoIP phones are compatible with the 3Com NBX systems? Are there several? What other companies make wireless phones?
http://www.3com.com/partners/advantage_programs.html is a link to their voice partner program. You can find out who partners with them. Also, doing a search of 3Com NBX phones in a web browser brings up quite a listing. There are several companies that make wireless phones. As with any complementary product purchase ask two questions – Obviously – what make, brand and release are you compatible Second – what features will or will not be available

The second is most important. While they may be compatible and the phone will "work" make sure it is not in a limited capacity. I would suggest working with the 3Com partners as the equipment is already tested with 3Com equipment and will provide you with the heartiest environment.

This was last published in January 2004

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