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What will be the biggest impact of IPv6?

I am serving with the British army and have been given a presentation to do on the Impact of the implementation of IPv6. Are you aware of any areas that stand out as having a big impact?
IPv6 will be an important and major upgrade to all our networks and to the Internet. With all the transition mechanisms defined though, it will gradually grow into our networks. There will not be a flagday like there was with IPv4 in 1983, where the Internet was switched from NCP to TCP overnight. IPv6 can and will coexist with IPv4 for a long time and the transition mechanisms are so flexible, that there is no specific upgrade order required. This means, as a home user you can use IPv6 even if your ISP does not offer it yet. And within a corporate network you can for instance roll out IPv6 at the edge of the network, while your backbone is till IPv4 only.
This was last published in October 2005

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