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What vendors can help IT network from one physical domain to another?

Certain vendors are starting to offer tools that can help network across physical domains, but it's still early on, says Kris Bliesner of 2nd Watch.

What tools are available to help IT networks cross from one physical domain to another?

We're starting to see vendors that allow IT to network across physical domains. One of the first partnerships my company, 2nd Watch Inc., formed was with a company called Alert Logic. Alert Logic makes appliances -- among other things -- and it has software and hardware appliances that do intrusion detection, log management and auditing. The company also offers other tools that are very popular in the midmarket space.

We have found that our customers want to take advantage of these tool sets in the cloud, but they couldn't install the particular appliance required in a hosted environment. This caused them to start looking for a solution. Alert Logic came out with a product for public cloud infrastructure that allows for a single pane of glass between your on-premises infrastructure network and your cloud infrastructure network. I think that's the direction we are heading.

About the author:
Kris Bliesner is CEO and co-founder of Seattle-based cloud-computing provider 2nd Watch Inc.

This was last published in September 2013

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