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What types of network firewalls are there?

Learn what network firewall types exist to protect your network, in this response with enterprise security expert Michael Gregg.

What are the different kinds of firewalls that are out there? From what I gathered, I see there are application, proxy and UTM firewalls. Are there any others? Could you tell me if they differ in any way from the ones I already know of?

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-10 divides firewalls in to five basic types:

  1. Packet filters
  2. Stateful Inspection
  3. Proxys
  4. Dynamic
  5. Kernel
Now in reality, it's not quite that simple as most modern firewalls have a mix of abilities that place them in more than one of the categories shown above. Check out the NIST document for more details.


This was last published in November 2007

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