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What types of encryption are available for VoIP?

What types of encryption are available for VoIP?
This typically depends upon the equipment and WAN configuration. Are you planning to use VoIP in a point-to-point configuration or will you be utilizing gateway services to the PSTN network? There are several companies that have developed encryption software that run over the top of your voice system. A sending phone and a receiving phone will have to have the same encryption device to communicate on the call. The encryptions are changed in the "key device." If you are talking about just network encryption and are running point to point then your options are again different. There are encryption schemes available at several stages of the IP network. There are also new wireless VoIP phones. Encryption again, is different here. Check with the manufacturer of your equipment. Many have partnered with companies to offer "above and beyond" encryption devices and applications if the ones that come with your system do not prove sufficient.
This was last published in July 2003

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