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What to consider when choosing an MDM system

Choosing an MDM system can be a complicated process, but expert Rainer Enders breaks down the considerations into straightforward terms in this tip.

What are my options for mobile device management? What factors should play a role in my decision?

There are many Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems on the market today. The best choice would be to go with a single vendor platform for both the management system and the devices.

Here are a few critical points to watch out for:

  • Carefully plan the deployment options of the MDM system -- in your own network or in the cloud, for example.
  • Ensure your operating platforms are fully supported (mobile OS or firmware). You don't want to end up with systems that are out of the control.
  • Make sure the tool is compatible with your application environment, particularly your critical business applications such as email and any database applications.
  • Ensure the MDM system supports the most critical features, such as deployment of your most critical applications, remote wipe, blocking of applications or application stores, and data backup.
This was last published in February 2013

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