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What to certify in when new certification tracks are pending

In this response, our expert, Ed Tittel, answers the question "will it be wise to invest in MCSE security certification or to wait for Microsoft to launch new certification tracks before starting my training?"

With the present announcement by Microsoft to launch new certification tracks soon, will it be wise for me to invest in the MCSE security certification or to wait for the emergence of the new track before starting my training?

Dear Kenneth:

That depends on how soon you want to get to work in this area. If your goal is to get certified and get to work in less than two years, you're better off sticking to the Windows 2003 credentials already available. If you can take more time, the new Vista based credentials will probably make more sense. But since Vista won't ship until next year and most companies wait between two and three years to migrate from the old version to the new, you've got some time to think things over, and to pick which track makes most sense to you.

Good luck with your decision making process, and your studies!

This was last published in September 2006

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