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What standards specify flame retardant cable jackets for Europe?

Learn what standards specify the correct flame retardant cable jackets for Europe, in this expert response with Carrie Higbie.

Hello. I have been reading the details you have written regarding the comparison between PVC, Riser and plenum cables. Unfortunately, I am not in the US, I am in Europe. Can you please give me your professional advice of what standards are used to specify the correct flame retardant cable jackets for the European region?
Most countries in Europe specify Low Smoke Zero Hallogen with the exception of a few. There was also recently a directive from the European Union called RoHS or reduction of hazardous substances that is required of all connecting hardware and even active electronics gear to remove lead. As for the standards -- there is not one specific standard. Each country and even some localities expect certain jacket materials and are the local authorities having jurisdiction to make that decision. If you would like to send me the specific country or countries in which you need these answers, I am happy to find out what the local requirements are for each.
This was last published in August 2007

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