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What software monitors and locks users from accessing my router?

Learn which software programs monitors and locks unauthorized users from accessing your router for Internet use in this expert response with our network security expert, Michael Gregg.

We have a LAN with two 2WIRE Internet routers. On this LAN we have about 200 PC's with Windows XP. To give somebody Internet access, we configure with a static IP and use the router IP address like an Internet access gate.

My problem is that I need to monitor and lock advanced users who try to violate my locks. Do you know about some...

software that can tell me who is using my router to access the Internet? And if so, lock him?

There are quite a few tools that can be used to monitor traffic, such as these:

If you're looking for more than one of these off-the-shelf programs you could also set up Snort to trigger on traffic from specific IP addresses so that anyone bypassing your rules is discovered.

This was last published in October 2008

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