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What should person right out of the Cisco Networking Academy expect to earn as salary working as a C

What should a high school graduate just finished with the Cisco Networking Academy expect to earn as salary working as a CCNA? How often would a CCNA get a raise? What is the average salary per year for the next 10 to 20 years?
I wish I could predict a Cisco Certified Network Associate's salary and raise schedule, but there are no absolutes. It ultimately depends on the job you will be able to land. Coming straight out of high school will pose a difficult challenge due to the lack of real-world experience. In addition, chances are you will have to start at the bottom at an entry-level job. Keep in mind, a CCNA graduate has proven skills that are suitable for the following positions: network administrator, LAN administrator, and network infrastructure administrator. Since I can't predict the market, I can at least tell you that according to salary surveys in 2004, associates with less than a year's experience made about $34,000. This number will rise exponentially as the experience increases. For instance, with 3-5 years experience, the average salary is almost double that of associates with one year or less.
This was last published in February 2005

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