What security risks could my customers expose our cloud to?

The crusade for cloud security isn't just on enterprises. Providers must ensure customers don't introduce malware into their environments, says security expert Neils Johnson.

Enterprise customers are often concerned about what I’m doing to protect them. But as a cloud provider, are there any risks their data, applications and/or architecture may expose me to?

There are! If you think about it, the risks are the same as in a traditional IT environment. What are they storing in your cloud? Does it have any malware embedded in it? If so, how deep is it embedded? How granular are your filtering and antimalware technologies, and how often are they updated? And who is being allowed into your environment? Is the customer responsible for authentication and authorization or are you? If credentials are not kept up to date, unauthorized access could be an issue.

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This was last published in January 2012

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