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What route for teenager interested in networking?

My son is in high school and is starting to think about college... He is currently enrolled in a Cisco Academy and wants to continue in the area of networking. I want him to get a 4 year degree. What sort of programs should we look at?
Ssome schools offer degree plans that include IT certifications (and even number CCNA/CCNP among the credentials available as part of such plans) as part of a computer science, MIS, or IT degree. If your son wants to stick with Cisco, you might want to contact Cisco Education and see if they can tell you which four-year degree plans or institutions also offer Cisco training as part of their programs. I see an increasing number of institutions doing this kind of thing, but haven't yet found a clearinghouse on-line for this kind of information. It's been kind of a "by hook or by crook" discovery process for me. I'm reasonably sure that the University of Phoenix, the University of Maryland, and Southern Methodist University (SMU) all offer degree plans that include IT certifications, but I don't know if those institutions include Cisco certs as part of their programs (though they do for a fact include Microsoft and Novell certs).
Good luck in your search. Please share the results with me, and I'll be happy to share them with the rest of our readership.
This was last published in March 2002

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