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What questions should network managers and CIOs ask about managing DNS?

What questions should network managers and CIOs ask about managing DNS?

What are the key questions that network managers and CIOs should ask about managing DNS?
I believe there's one key question anyone responsible for DNS should ask, and that's "How are you going to ensure that you deliver grade DNS service on your network, so that your company can get on with the business of deploying networked applications?"

DNS isn't a sexy technology -- far from it. Its job, basically, is to turn strings of letters and dots into strings of numbers and dots. It's 20 years old, which is ancient in Internet years. It predates the Web. Yet nearly everything users do on the Internet relies on it. It's high time we tamed the technology and figured out a way to deliver it as reliably as we provide other basic network infrastructure services -- like IP routing, for example -- so that we can move on to really compelling network applications.

So here's my question for you: Do you think it's coincidence that IP routing, which is as good a benchmark we have as any for utility-grade TCP/IP services, is implemented almost exclusively on appliances?

This was last published in August 2004

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