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What network monitoring tools give you visibility into corporate VPNs?

What network monitoring tools give enterprise WANs the visibility they need into their corporate VPNs? Find out in this expert answer.

What tools are available today to monitor corporate VPNs? What will give you visibility into your VPN?

Standard network monitoring tools can be used to monitor Internet VPNs. Typically, the traffic is decrypted at the VPN gateway and processed from that termination point onwards. It makes sense to have monitoring occur on the VPN gateway itself and then integrate the records into the central monitoring tool and database for correlation and analysis. Most importantly, a comprehensive Internet VPN management system is the right tool to capture and monitor all VPN-relevant activities. Vital data for all other critical functions, such as reporting and archiving, can be sent upstream from there.

As in any other area of network management, the implementation and integration of best-of-breed system components will guarantee effective control and response. The Internet VPN must be completely integrated into the overall network management fabric. For example, you will want your VPN to be integrated with DNS records, system time and administrator access privileges. Full integration of all functional areas of the monitoring process, such as data collection, data analysis, alerting and archiving, means data points are available and accessible in various systems and in diverse formats. This flexibility facilitates the rapid processing of incident information at any given time.

Particular tools for monitoring purposes should be discussed with your Internet VPN system vendor and implemented according to their standards and directions.

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This was last published in November 2011

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