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What issues does VoIP cause for web-filtering software?

What issues does VoIP cause for web-filtering software?
With all the benefits and value that VoIP applications provide, recognizing it as one of the critical business application in the enterprise infrastructure would not be wrong. The most important issues that businesses face with these applications are balancing the increasing network complexity and security risks associated with deployment.

If you have noticed, the web filtering softwares do not run in isolation. They are mostly integrated with firewall systems to enable real time monitoring and control. While the main objective here is to provide security while increasing productivity, this does not necessarily mean that if you filter out certain traffic or access to Internet, the employee productivity will increase. But this is rather aimed at increasing the efficiency of network – broad traffic prioritization (QoS) and bandwidth. This in turn enables the organizations to effectively use the Internet applications critical to business, such as VoIP. That said, there are still certain issues, which firewall and web filtering software vendors need to deal with in regards to VoIP application. These include greater level of security, consistency and reliability, enabling support for VoIP traffic across security zones, and protection from VoIP based attacks.

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This was last published in April 2005

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