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What is your opinion of Fortinet's FortiGate Firewall?

Is Fortinet's FortiGate Firewall product right for your organization? Our expert discusses the product's features and capabilities.

What is your opinion of Fortinet's FortiGate Firewall? Our company is considering it and I am in charge of evaluating it.

The increasing trend towards all-in-one products sounds like a good marketing idea, but when it comes to performance, there's a big gap. I believe that when it comes to security there should be no compromise and with all in one boxes, one thing is bound to fall. Anyway, Fortinet's FortiGate is full of security features like VPN, antivirus, content filtering, intrusion prevention, spam protection, etc. The new FortiOS release offers good routing features by enhancing support for RIP I & II and OSPF. Firewall capabilities are better as compared to earlier versions. The web interface is improved now, but in the past it has been the most vulnerable module. It offers good VPN throughput, but falls short of firewall performance as claimed by the vendor. New connections are hit once all the security features are turned on. One more thing to pay attention to is that in recent tests the device failed to handle the SYN flood attacks and spam, which can be considered as a downside.

All in all, it's a good mid-size enterprise security product that offers all in one-security features at a comparatively low price.

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This was last published in February 2005

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