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What is your advice regarding how to configure a good and efficient network comprising eighty comput

What is your advice regarding how to configure a good and efficient network comprising eighty computers within a distance of 100 meters? As per my plan, I thought that every network cable from all the eighty points should meet at the server room. There we will switch each with 48 port 10/100 mbps and the back bone of gigaEthernet to connect to the other switch and the server. I think this design will give me some flexibility and security. All these eighty network cables will be connected to the switch through the patch panel. Please explain to me if this design is suitable or if I need to put a switch in between every 10 to 20 computers.
I believe when you say 10 to 20 computers, you are thinking of hubs. Hubs share bandwidth. Switches separate collision domains so your design should work fine. Depending on how secure you want to make the network, you might also consider locking down each port on the switch by MAC address. This would prevent individuals from plugging devices into the network without your knowledge. You might also consider turning off file and print sharing and setting restrict anonymous to 1 to restrict the amount of information that individuals can pull from your computers.
This was last published in July 2004

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