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What is the relationship of partitions to replicates in NDS?

In NDS, could you explain what is the relationship of partitions to replicates?

It's good to see people are still interested in Novell's fine products. Your question can be answered by simply defining what a NDS partition and replica is.

Partitioning is the process of dividing the Directory into smaller, more manageable pieces. These pieces can then be distributed near the users who need them.

As an example, let's take the ACME organization:

 Partition   |
     A       |
             |			Partition B
      ------------------- / -------|
      |  			  	     |
     |==| OU=Support	  	   |==| OU=Management
        |		  	      	|
        |-CN=User1		  	|-CN=TheBoss
        |-CN=Server1			|-CN=Server2

Partition A is know as the [Root] partition because it is the only one that contains the global [Root] object.

Partition B on the right hand side is known as the 'Management' partition because OU=Management is the highest container object in that Segment. You might also like to know that Partition B is now called a Child of Partition A since it's a subset of the ACME organization.

NDS Replication aims to increase network fault tolerance by placing Copies of other partitions on local servers. With NetWare 5 & 5.1 there are 4 different type of replicas (to my knowledge, this also applies to NetWare 6 as well.)

  1. Master replica. A read/write of the original replica. Each partition can only have one master replica.
  2. Read/Write replica. A read/write copy of any partition. Here each partition can have multiple read/write replica copies.
  3. Read Only replica. As the name suggest, a read only copy of any partition. These type of replicas are used only for searching and viewing objects only.
  4. Subordinate references. This is a special type of replica that's created and maintained by NDS. Subordinates references are created automatically on a server when it contains a parent replica, but not any of the children (meaning partitions below it).

NetWare contains special tools for the administrator to create all these replicas, from what I remember it's called NDS manager. It will also allow you to partition and manage your NDS.

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This was last published in June 2003

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