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What is the difference between the CCSP and the CISSP certification?

Certification expert Ed Tittel differentiates between CCSP and CISSP certifications in this expert response.

Hi Ed,

I just wanted to find out the difference between the CCSP and the CISSP certification. I am assuming that possibly the CCSP certification is just one aspect (module) to obtaining the CISSP? Or are they specialized in different aspects of security?

Your help with this will be greatly appreciated.

Dear Sir:

The CCSP is a Cisco certification, and therefore focuses as much on Cisco tools and technologies as it does on general information security topics. The CISSP, on the other hand, is a vendor-neutral industry consortium-based certification that attempts to cover the whole field of information security without any particular vendor interests or focus involved. The two credentials are more like apples and oranges, than they are like Navels and Valencias (two kinds of oranges, that is). Those who work in Cisco infrastructures/environments and also deal with infosec concerns might be well-advised to pursue both certifications, while those who work outside the Cisco umbrella will find the CISSP useful, but the CCSP at least somewhat irrelevant.

HTH, and thanks for posting.

This was last published in March 2007

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