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What is the difference between SDSL and IDSL?

We are a non-profit organization that is located at the Port of Houston and we were told that our location prevents us from using the average DSL and we need to go with SDSL or IDSL. What is the difference between SDSL and IDSL? Can you tell me what the pros and cons of each would be?
The biggest difference between the DSL technologies involves equipment and billing. The billing is the biggest. SDSL only means that you will have the same speed upstream and downstream. IDSL means that it is run over an ISDN circuit. Per minute charges may apply and your pricing plan will be strictly based on your carrier. ADSL (the more traditional kind) typically has a faster download speed than upload, which may make uploading web pages take a bit longer. You may also want to check into cable modem possibilities. The speed of your circuits may also depend on how far you are from the central office for your provider. So, I guess in short, check your speed and check the pricing. The technology should support what you plan to do. You may also want to check for other add on services such as firewalls and spam blockers, etc.
This was last published in January 2005

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