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What is the best way to go about VoIP training?

What is the best route to take for VoIP training? I have been in the telephony field for over 30 years and need to get a good understanding of VoIP. What do you recommend?
There are lots of options for VoIP training, but they're basically split into two camps:
  1. General, conceptual VoIP training
  2. Specific, vendor-focused VoIP training that targets specific solutions

Without more information, I don't have much to say about category two, because it would require researching the vendor solution (or solutions) your company or organization uses, then making related recommendations. I'm assuming that given this pointer, you can probably do that for yourself, especially given your number of years of service in the industry -- why, you've got me beat by about 5 or more years!

Where general, conceptual VoIP training is concerned, here are some good sources of information you might find useful:

  • VoIP News: VoIP Training Center has pointers and listings of companies that pay to be listed in the publication
  • Tom Lancaster also wrote a tip on this subject entitled VoIP Training Redux that describes some useful offerings and search strategies.
  • ProsoftTraining, the outfit behind the CIW certification program, also offers a Certification in Convergent Technologies that includes some substantial VoIP coverage. Check it out at here, and pay special attention to their VoIP Essentials course.
  • Visit www.gocertify.com and use search "VoIP" for related certifications (note also that most of what turns up in response will be vendor-specific rather than vendor-neutral).

    More digging with your favorite search engine should turn up more leads, but I'd also recommend polling what's available at local community colleges, plus graduate and undergraduate programs in your area. Academia is moving into VoIP these days, along with everybody else.

This was last published in July 2004

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