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What is the best path towards a security career?

Ed Tittel discusses the best path to take to get started in a security-focused career.

I am currently a network admin for a medium-sized company and am looking to get my foot in the door in the security arena. What is the best path to take to get started in a security-focused career? What would be the premier entry-level security certification to go after other than Security+?

The Security+ is certainly well-known and –recognized, but by no means a premier cert. Perhaps you might want to consider the SANS GSEC (part of their GIAC program at www.giac.org) or something along those lines? That said, most people go after Security+ as a kind of warm-up and then go after other intermediate security certs before tackling something substantial like the CISSP. Check out my semi-annual security certification survey at SearchSecurity.com to get more input and information about other items to consider as you start down and continue on this path to professional development.

Good luck, and thanks for posting.

This was last published in June 2006

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