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What is the best form of Linux?

I just started a job at a company that is using Debian Linux. I am new to this. What is the best form of Linux (Red Hat, Debian, etc.)? Also, I want to load Linux on a system at home. What should I do?
The best form of Linux distribution is free. I would install the same Linux version running in the company so that you will become familiarized with specific command syntax. I'm not too familiar with Debian Linux distribution, but if you are looking for a Linux version to run in a production environment, I'm told that Novell's Suse Linux is a stable enough OS to operate critical applications. If you are searching for the latest Linux distribution, Red Hat has a new project initiative called Fedora Core 2 (visit this link for more information), which you might want to load and explore on a "system at home." It appears that Red Hat has an upgrade path for Red Hat Linux 9 version to Fedora 2 Core version – something to ponder if you are wondering how critical of a role Fedora will play in the industry.
This was last published in November 2004

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