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What is functional parallelism?

What is functional parallelism? How it can be applied to TCP for High speed protocol processing? I would like some related papers.
This is what we found from around the Web:

2.3.2. Functional Parallelism
"This kind of parallelism is based on different functional blocks in your application. The idea is simple: The application is split into separate processing units, that communicate with a fixed number other units in such a way that the output of one part serves as the input of another part. Thus we can visualize such a system as a set of nodes that are connected by pipes in which data only flow in one direction."
(Source: http://www.fraber.de/bap/bap20.html)

Here's a presentation:
"A Case for Functional Parallelism" http://murl.microsoft.com/videos/cmhc/leaders7/7-patil_OnDemand_150_50K_176x144Slides.htm

And this from IBM:
Exploiting functional parallelism of POWER2 to design high-performance numerical algorithms http://www.research.ibm.com/journal/rd/385/agarwal.html

This was last published in July 2003

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