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What is OpenDaylight's SDN Interface application?

OpenDaylight developer Rafat Jahan explains OpenDaylight's SDNi application as it relates to the release of Helium, the organization's second open source project.

What is OpenDaylight's SDNi?

OpenDaylight's SDN Interface Application (ODL-SDNi App) is a project slated for the OpenDaylight's Helium software release, which is expected in fall 2014. The project's purpose is to enable the inter-SDN controller communication by developing software-defined networking interface (SDNi) as an application.

SDNi aims to simplify network traffic to the OpenDaylight controller in multivendor environments.

Slated for OpenDaylight's next software release, Helium, SDNi will comprise:

1. SDNi Aggregator: Northbound SDNi plug-in acts as an aggregator for collecting network information such as topology, stats, host, etc. This plug-in can evolve per the needs of network data requested to be shared across federated SDN controllers.

2. SDNi RestAPI: SDNi REST APIs will be implemented to fetch the aggregated information from the northbound plug-in -- the SDNi Aggregator. New SDNi RestAPI will be developed specific to ODL for supporting SDNi application.

3. SDNi Wrapper: SDNi BGP Wrapper will be responsible for the sharing and collecting information to/from federated controllers.

The ODL-SDNi app can be used for bandwidth on demand across inter-SDN federated controllers. In a multivendor environment, network traffic would need to be orchestrated across intra-/inter-domain subnets of the SDN controllers. The mandate is of an east-west communication that enables SDN controllers across subnets to exchange network information within the purview of defined policies.

This was last published in June 2014

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Hello Rafat Jahan

for opendaylight Beryllium version, do we have SDNi  wrapper? if yes, how we can download it?