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What gear is best to connect a remote location to headquarters?

What gear is best to connect a remote location to headquarters?

The distance between my HQ and factory is 40km and I want to connect these two sites by UTP-to-fiber SC media converter. Can you please help me to select the right specification (for media converter, fiber optic cables, etc.) products for this solution?
I am not a fan of transceivers and media converters due in large part to the addition of a point of failure. Not knowing what speed that you wish to run makes this a bit tougher to answer. At these distances, you will need to use single mode fiber and your best bet is to have a switch with a single mode uplink port at each end. You will have a much more stable solution this way. You can achieve up to 10Gbps over 40km with a 10GBASE-EX fiber interface module in your switches.
This was last published in April 2006

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