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What download speed will I get with a bandwidth of 1 MBPS?

Wondering what kind of download speed you can get with a bandwidth of 1 MBPS? Our expert, Lindi Horton can give you the lowdown on the download.

If I'm getting a bandwidth of 1 MBPS from an ISP, then how much download speed will I get if I'm using it on only...

one computer?

This is always an interesting question. The ISP should be able to provide you with guaranteed up/down speeds. Alternatively the de facto answer for addressing connection download speeds from an ISP is through DSLreports. For example, I personally will use DSLreports.com's tools with history to provide me better data toward the connectivity provided from a free statistics basis. This is the tool I would recommend you use when discussing your up/down speeds for the connection that the ISP is providing. I hope that this helps.

This was last published in November 2006

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