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What do I quality for once I complete my Net+ certification?

I am studying the Net+ certification, how easy would it be to get a job if I have this certification and what job would I qualify for?
This is a tough time to use any single CompTIA certification (all of which are primarily designed to warrant certain basic, entry-level competence, skills, and knowledge in their holders) as a ticket to a job. In a job market where MCSEs, CCNPs, and other intermediate level credential holders are begging for work, it's a very difficult climate for those who hold only entry-level credentials to find jobs as well. A lot will depend on what other knowledge, skills, and experience you bring to a potential job, and where you're currently located (or planning to work).

The quick answers to your questions therefore are: "Not very easy" and "An entry level network technician or help desk professional, if you're very, very lucky!"

HTH. Feel free to elaborate further on your circumstances and post again.

This was last published in July 2003

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