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What could be the cause of our interruptions?

Hi Ted,
We are installing a test over IP but the communication has many interruptions when we are talking, we have a Hipath 1500 connecting a PBX Hicom 3000, and the routers are Cisco.
The two primary things you should check are:
  • What is the performance of the path you're using? If you have all of the equipment connected over cabling in a lab (i.e. the two sites are in the same room) then this is probably not the issue. If you are using a wide area connection between the two sites (public Internet, Frame Relay connection, it's possible that you may be experiencing excessive jitter - this can cause interruptions. There are performance probes available that allow you to measure the jitter ? it needs to be <30 msec to be acceptable but should be <10msec to give good performance.
  • Is the configuration of the equipment correct? It's possible that one (or several pieces of the equipment are not configured right.)
  • This was last published in August 2002

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