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What could be hindering my router from routing?

Help! Having a routing issue... Here's the rundown... I have a Cisco 2611 router (2 Eth interfaces). E0/0 attached to our DSL modem, E0/1 attached to a Cat3524XL.

Doing a 'sh ip nat trans' shows NAT to be working fine.

Router can ping outside and resolve DNS with no problem. Anything on the inside can ping out to as far as the router's E0/0 interface but nothing beyond.

Here's some config snip-its (Editor's note: The config snip-ip are omitted herein to protect the identity of this member.) Please advise on what you think may be hindering my router from routing....

ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!!
Make sure that your ISP has a route to the address used for NAT. It could be possible that there is no route at the service provider end for this address. As your router is already getting connected to the ISP, a much easier way to configure NAT is to overload on the outgoing Ethernet interface. Remove the following statement ip nat inside source list 10 pool users overload Router (config)# no ip nat inside source list 10 pool users overload. Add the following Router (config)# ip nat inside source list 10 interface e 0/0 overload This should solve your problem.

This was last published in September 2002

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