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What could be causing slow performance on our Nortel 1010 VPN and how can improve it?

What could be causing slow performance on our Nortel 1010 VPN and how can improve it?
There are numerous problems that could be associated with VPN connectivity to remote offices. I would recommend some investigation into the particular problem for slowness.

Perceived slowness to the end-users comes with a multitude of different symptoms. Correctly diagnosing and resolving the problem requires some insight into the problems that are occurring. For this infrastructure, I would recommend obtaining some more information about the problem. Is the slowness periodic? Affecting all users? Only a subset? If it's a particular group of users within the VPN connection, identify what applications that these users are using. If it's a particular application, perhaps the MTU and added overhead of VPN concentrators is causing more fragmentation than that application is designed to handle.

There are numerous possibilities for this slow down. I would highly recommend fine tuning the symptoms and ruling out the things that you know are not possibilities. To put it into other terms, consider the problem as one would diagnose a disease. The doctor wouldn't prescribe medication without ascertaining certain symptoms and conducting tests to rule out certain diseases.

This was last published in October 2005

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